Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vera fundraiser update!!

Hi everyone!
Boy, this fundraiser is going so well!  Thanks to all who have donated to our drawing!
I just purchased the Vera Bradley Bags and spent 405.00---so that is deducted from the total--
Here are the particulars so far---
980.00 (previous total)
191.71 ( another "Jack" donation from Jet)
165.00 (new donation)
350.00 (checks sent by mail)

TOTAL:  1686.71   minus 405.00   grand total so far: $1281.71!!
Keep spreading the word about this drawing----

Sunday, May 22, 2011

~~~~~There are angels all around us~~~~~

On Tuesday morning, I put  out our plea to raise $700.00 to have our home study released
to us from our home study agency,  The $700.00 is for the post placement reports that are due at the 6 month and 12 month mark after our children come home from China.  It is how China makes sure the children are doing OK and what we have done for them so far...  The money is due up front so that you are compelled to do the reports since you spent the money. (It works too)

Well, Tuesday, Cassie was home sick so I had to take her to the doctor..... As I was on my way out the door I saw a blue truck pull up in the driveway.  I didn't recognize the vehicle but figured it one of the people who graciously bring us 3 dozen fresh brown eggs every week. (Yes, we eat that many)
Lo and behold, it was a member of our church but it was a delivery of money not eggs.  This gentleman with such a huge heart said God had laid it on His heart to meet our financial need.  He handed me an envelope with the full amount needed in it. (less than three hours after I sent out the auction e-mail)

 He began to tell me what a huge heart his wife had when she was alive.  How she would have urged him to help us.  I know how much he hurts every day for her and this was a way to heal for him.  He has a huge heart and never thinks twice about giving us anything.....even his shirt from the Susan G Komen race ---he ran the race and was at church that morning to hand me his shirt!

Needless to say, we praise God for meeting our need through our friend.  We praise God that when we shout "Abba Father" He is there to hold us.  God is so faithful and showers us with His goodness. 

So, the auction is still ON!  We are receiving donations through paypal and the mail.
Thank you to all who have given---some in amounts we never dreamed of.....
How blessed we are to benefit from your giving hearts!! (Our boys thank you!)

So--my total on paypal is now up to 980.00 (with the paypal fees already out)  I have also been sent 350.00 in the mail!  I know the purses and two bracelets will probably cost us about 400-500 dollars so we are already at a profit.

I will post the auction again at regular intervals on facebook.  I may also try to have a blog button made. (anyone know how to do that??)  The drawing is still scheduled for JULY 4

Thank you all once again for your donations--- the ten dollar ones are adding up fast!!!!
We will have an agency fee due when we send our dossier to China so the funds will be applied there!

ALSO--- Thank to Jettie in Netherlands for sending me the $445.00 in Jack's adoption fund from the blog she set up a while ago.....she saved it for his family and was true to her word to send it!!  THANK YOU to  who donated to that fund. (This was included in the 980.00 total)

So-- our homestudy is to be mailed to us on Monday--- At that point our agency will send it to USCIS and we will wait for approval from them. We are already assigned an officer so the wait should be short (I am praying it is)   We can also start applying for grants from entities who give for adoptions!  My prediction is still OCTOBER travel for the boys....
God's blessings to you all---- and spread the word about the auction if you would!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

470.00 and counting!

More exciting news to come---
stay tuned!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 Currently our home study is in review with WACAP and we are close to submitting to USCIS for immigration approval.  In order for our home study to be released from our agency we need to pay the post-placement fees.  This comes to $700.00 and is needed as soon as we can raise it.
We are expecting out tax refund to help pay for these adoptions.  Unfortunately, we do not have it yet.

Please take a look at this fundraiser for our boys---

I will be having a drawing for TEN Vera Bradley purses
 plus two beautiful sterling silver bracelets
Purses are valued at $30-85.00 and the bracelets are valued at $75.00-125.00 retail.
See photos below of the items for the drawing.

To enter I am asking for a donation of 10.00 for the first entry
 and 5.00 for every entry thereafter.
With each entry you will be entered to win 10 purses and two silver bracelets.
 (so for your donation you will be entered in every drawing
 and have a chance to win multiple purses!)
Please use the chip-in to the right to submit your donation.
Chekcks can be mailed to
Kelly Rumbaugh, 15 Smith Avenue, Westminster, MD 21157
The drawing will be held on JULY 4th--
 this gives you lots of time to tell your friends! (please!)