Saturday, February 12, 2011

"You are such a good person"

"You are such a good person"

I have this said to me often.  It opens a huge door for me...

       I have to make sure the person knows that
I do not claim nor ever will claim to be "good"

I am a sinner and have fallen short of the glory of God. 
It is only through Him that I have been saved by grace
  through my faith in Him. 
NOT by ANYTHING I have done.
 I am a mother and wife--
trying to serve Him through serving my family.

I want others to know that I give
Christ all the glory in my life.
Bill and I have been called to serve Christ.  
Our calling involves adoption and caring for His children.
We have 8 special kids because the Lord ordained it...
I know it seems we must be some kind of hero
for adopting six children.
Six children who have needs that may be
more than most people can handle.
This is OUR calling.  
It is not because we are "good"--
it is because we are trying to be obedient to a God who
has ordained our lives for the care of His children.

Many people serve Christ is many ways.
Each person does have a calling on their life--
some know it early on....others search and 
pray to find it all their life
Still, others may even ignore their calling
because they feel its too much

Let me tell you--

It is not always easy to be in His will but it is this obedience 
that will give you blessing upon blessing.
In our family's case--- 8 blessings.... 

I am not "good"
 God is "good to me."