Thursday, March 20, 2014


In 2009, we added the sweetest 4 yr old to our family. She came to us unable to walk and unable to hear.  She had the saddest photos in her file.  Today, she is a source of immense joy as she has learned to walk with forearm crutches and she is using sign language to speak. 

As I was preparing my "On the Frig" post for yesterday, I hung the photo of Kellin in its spot of honor.  Shortly after, my daughter signed, "WHO?"  My heart skipped a beat and I realized I had no idea how to answer her.  Her sign was simple but the message I got from it was profound.  She simply wanted to know who's child he was.  Wow.

I help up my hands with the sign for "none"

Its hard for me to put into words how devastating that is.  NONE.  That's not how God set this world in motion.... He created family so there would be someone for everyone.   I know Kellin is loved.  I love him and his former nannies loved him.  Christ loves him. 

I just desire so much more than "none" for this child...and any other child who has "none".
There is such injustice in this world for these children who have noone to call their own.  God is pained when we choose to look the other way in these situations.  As Christians, the Bible says to care for the orphan and widow.  More people need to take this seriously.  More people need to care about this.

I am not just talking about adopting a child - I am talking about CARING.  There is so much you can do for the orphan that is easy to accomplish and the rewards are eternal. 
  •  Sponsor a child
  • Give to a family who is adopting
  • Go on a mission trip
  • PRAY for them.

In my lifetime, I lived many years in a very small world.  Christ chose to enlighten me about the orphan and give me a passion. He opened my world to so much more than just my SELF.   He allowed me to give 8 children a new identity.  They are loved and they belong.  They have so much more than NONE.

So, I ask you to ask yourself and pray to the Father -
Lord, how can I get involved in the orphan care plight?  Lead me in your will and guide me to put an end to a child's NONE.