Wednesday, July 27, 2011

THIS is why.....

Tomorrow will be a life changing day for baby Joseph in HangZhou.
It will be the day he is given a new lease on life.

Joseph's mother won't be there....she won't know he is about to be healed of his congenital heart disease.
But I know a few things about her--
She is selfless and she loved him very much.

This is why one day last Spring she gathered up a few items and took her son in a taxi.  She told the taxi driver where to go.  Did he know what was going to happen?  We'll never know in those last moments with her baby boy what she was thinking. 
But I know this about her...
She was selfless and she loved him very much.

Joseph's mother ran out of the taxi and put her son on the steps of a private foster home in China.
She ran back to the taxi and was gone in an instant.  What was she thinking as she saw her son for the last time?  What was going through her head and how would she ever be able to live without him.
BECAUSE...she was self less and loved him very much.

Joseph was loved by his mother but she did what she knew was best for him.  She gave him life by placing him at this doorstep.  She must have known he was sick.  She must have known she could not help him.  So, she did the only thing she knew would help him----gave him away.
BECAUSE....she loved him very much.

Joseph is an orphan who will have very serious heart surgery tomorrow....please pray for him.
God loves him very much.


  1. Will for sure be praying for Joseph!!!

  2. Hi Kelly. My name is Stephanie and I'm a volunteer at Starfish. I have some hilarious pictures of Jack and was wondering if you'd like the shots. You can contact me at Lee.en.wei(at)