Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12- Tired & Sick :(

Today was a long, long day....and it isn't even 7pm yet! We woke up around 6am so that we could leave the hotel at 7 to go back to the medical clinic and then on to our consulate appointment. Matt has been feeling under the weather for the past few days, which culminated in a raging sinus infection this morning that has left him bedridden most of the day. Dad and I had to be really on our game today without Matt- it really helps to have a extra pair of hands for the two kids!

The medical appointment went smoothly- Jack still needed to see an ENT specialist for a signature, and both boys had to get their TB tests read. One of the doctors shared the elevator up to the clinic with us, and helped us see the other doctors and get our paperwork quickly. We certainly have seen favor with the people we are working with on this trip!

From the medical clinic, we took a cab too the US consulate. Being a government building, you would think that it would be freestanding, clean, and orderly- not so. The consulate is a fairly small section of the fourth floor of some type of commercial building, housing everything from airline sales offices to coffee shops to a wine bar. Upon arrival, we were met by our WACAP liaison, Sarah, who basically showed up, handed us a form, made sure that it was filled out correctly, and left. But she was pleasant and helpful, and got us where we needed to be to finalize the adoptions and get visas for the boys.

After passing through a security checkpoint, we were ushered into a room not unlike the DMV- more screaming children than juvenile delinquents, though. We waited for about a half hour until our ten o'clock appointment, when dad was called up to a booth. Here, he handed over his paperwork, was asked to raise his right hand and swear an oath that he was not a liar ( could just continue lying with the oath? Anyway....) and then told to come back tomorrow and get the visas. Sort of anticlimactic for all of the hype the consulate appointment gets, but exciting in its effects for the boys nonetheless.

The rest of the day has been spent relaxing and healing- trying to get Matt feeling better, and chill out the boys, who have been particularly rambunctious today. I did find time to go haggle over some cute clothes I found at a mall-like thing nearby- I may go back to find something for Sam tomorrow if she is lucky! :)

While out this afternoon, I took a side street that I figured would lead me back to my hotel. Most of the streets around the Holiday In are commercial, so whether they are a mall or a restaurant, they are full of people spending money on things for themselves. This side street looked like something out of a fashion designer's dream- it was literally shop after shop of different things to embellish clothing- beads, ribbon, buttons, rhinestones. You would think that someone was around the corner waiting to bedazzle your every move. It makes sense, though, this street- all of our clothes are made in China, yes?

Tomorrow will really be our last day in China, because we have to leave our hotel around 6am on Wednesday to go to the airport and start our journey home. While I truly have loved my time here, and we have all had such a positive experience with the adoption of the boys, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we are ready to return home to some normalcy and routine. We will likely spend tomorrow doing the last of our shopping and trying foods, and get to bed early!

Pray for peace for the boys as we begin this time of travel and transition- and good behavior especially! Pray also for stamina for all of us, and healing and energy for Matt. Finally, pray for our entire family as we all come together on Wednesday night- bravery for the boys, gentleness and understanding for the older kids, and bonding for mom!

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