Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Chld's laughter

I was on facebook this morning and ran across a video I just have to share....

This video is of a little boy being loved on by his nanny in China.
He lives in a foreign run foster home where he is fortunate to have a caregiver that spends quality
time with him and makes sure he feels loved.


he does not have a mommy and daddy.

This breaks my heart because as a BOY in China with a special need his chances
 to be adopted are slim....with each passing day he will be "older" and that means a family
may not want a child "THAT OLD" 

There is a shared list of children available for adoption-- a HUGE percentage of these kids are BOYS!
 Please join me in prayer for these children who NEED to be loved and cared for by PARENT--
 I will rejoice when this little guy has a family....but for now-- HE waits..