Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Chld's laughter

I was on facebook this morning and ran across a video I just have to share....

This video is of a little boy being loved on by his nanny in China.
He lives in a foreign run foster home where he is fortunate to have a caregiver that spends quality
time with him and makes sure he feels loved.


he does not have a mommy and daddy.

This breaks my heart because as a BOY in China with a special need his chances
 to be adopted are slim....with each passing day he will be "older" and that means a family
may not want a child "THAT OLD" 

There is a shared list of children available for adoption-- a HUGE percentage of these kids are BOYS!
 Please join me in prayer for these children who NEED to be loved and cared for by PARENT--
 I will rejoice when this little guy has a family....but for now-- HE waits..


  1. This little boy is precious! I pray that he finds his forever family very, very soon!

    I love his laugh and his concern for his orphanage sister. Hearing her crying just broke my heart, but it is nice to know that she would soon have someone there to dry her tears and comfort her. There are too many children around the world learn that crying will not bring them any comfort, food, warmth, or love!!

  2. I just LOVE this video, Kelly; makes me smile everytime I see it. I'm confident this little guy will have a family soon!

  3. oh my!! Anthony is our little China sponsor son!
    I would adopt him in a second if only...
    is he on the shared list??!?

  4. Is he available yet?
    On the shared list?