Friday, February 4, 2011

I got it---photo of the new RUM-Bus

Here's the actual van!
Bill flies to Norfolk tomorrow to drive it HOME!
I am beyond excited.

On an even more exciting note--
I finished chemo today!
Today was the last time I needed to go get hooked up to the IV to have these
toxic drugs pumped into my body.
Yes, they are helping me -- but its been rough
and I am thankful I am almost done with the queasy feeling belly,
week without taste buds, achey joints, and general feeling of lousiness!
Thanks so much for all your prayers---they have all given me encouragement and
support thru the last several months and I am grateful!

So, I leave you with this photo of me in August--
Peace to you all-- friends...


  1. You are an amazing woman with a beautiful family!!!

  2. Oh Kelly, so happy for you! My MIL went through that over 7 years ago and you are right it is rough but she is here with us and cancer free. Praise Him!!! Very happy that you are done and love the new wheels!