Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cooking--Chinese style!!

Ever since we brought home Samantha and Piper 
we have been learning a lot about CHinese
cooking.  How to prepare, serve, and eat it. 
Samantha and I have shared many nights in the kitchen
cooking and laughing at each other.
  We always agree to more salt.....
but---never agree to what part of the chicken is best to eat.

A few things I have learned:
  • Many Chinese like their rice as "soup"  also known as congee. Just cook the rice to the package directions and then add more water to make soupy.
  • Anything resembling a barely cooked vegetable on top of the rice soup is great
  • The hotter the better for any dish (this is a personal preference but my girls cannot get it hot enough!)
  • NEVER throw away the juice of anything-- noodles, dumplings, cooked chicken, browned beef
  • Remain hungry at all times when Samantha is cooking.  She expects you to eat some.
  • The best part of the chicken is the dark meat. (Chinese think the breast meat is the worst part of the chicken---it is the least expensive part of the chicken to buy in China.  The wings and thighs are the most expensive.)
  • Noodles and rice are breakfast are any vegetables I can find.
Below are some photos of our meal last night:
I served "Jiao Zi" and mussels. (much to my husbands dismay)
The kids love dumplings (Jiao Zi) - I can get them by the 50 pack at BJ's
and the kids put them down like
they haven't eaten in four days!  Sometimes we make our Jiao Zi 
but usually buying them is the way I go.
I also happened to have some mussels in garlic/butter sauce that 
were frozen so I thawed and cooked them.
I may have been awarded the "mom of the year" award
last night had a vote been taken.
My kids love mussels and Jiao Zi...Joey ran shouting thru the
house last night "Jiao Zi! Jiao Zi!"
They all came running
So, the dumplings were served in a bowl 
WITH the juice and then the mussels were added--with their juice.
Everyone was "fat and happy" at the end of the meal. 
Piper even drank the dumpling juice out of a glass.
She loves the juice!  (EWWW)

So, if you have learned anything from this post, its--
NEVER throw away the juice!


  1. LOL
    You for got to add in Chinese cooking,the broth is what's important, not the stuff that's in the soup..all that "stuff" usually gets left on the bottom of the pot! probably because the broth is supposedly medicinal)
    By the way you need a rice cooker with a congee setting! :) I love mine!

  2. your pictures look pretty authentic, except if you were a real Chinese family, the bones and shells would be spit out onto the table not on your pretty dishes :) catherine..and congrats on the kids!

  3. I am so envious of your cooking! Not really but when we adopted older I was hoping to learn more about cooking authentic Chinese. Trouble is ... our SON tells me only "women/girls cook in China."

    Actually, other than grilling, that is how it is here too LOL as DH does NOT cook (except grilling and fried eggs :).

    I have heard a couple of people mention these store-bought dumplings. I will have to look for those. Funny about the rice and noodles, our 11YO son, home 6 months, much prefers potatoes!!! Works well here! Our guide told us his province is the "potato capital of China."

    Now younger DS and DD love any kind of noodles!!! Anytime!

    Love catching up on your blog. I'm going to add it to my blogroll. :)