Monday, February 27, 2012

In. The. Air!

suitcases--- check.
passports-- check.
money----- check.
camera----- check
tide ------- check
toys ------  check
toilet paper-check

you get the picture...
All three of my travelers were dropped off safely at Dulles airport this morning.  They said security was a breeze and they were at the gate two and a half hours early.  They even met another Christian family adopting from the same province on their cool is that?

Its now 6:42pm and they have been flying about 6 hours.....8 to go!
Thanks so much for your prayers- here's some photos of the kiss off! :)

Bill, Matt and Karli will be met at the airport by my Chinese sister, Angela.  She will be with them the entire trip....what a huge blessing.
They will stay at a hotel tonight and then they will have a SUPER full day of touring.  They only have one day in Beijing so they are packing it in.
First the GREAT WALL, then Tian en men Square and  the Forbidden City...then the acrobat show in the evening.....topping it all off with a 10:00pm train to Zhengzhou.   They are gonna be wiped out to say the least!
Stay tuned for tales of the trio.....

from the homefront,
Kelly  (who would give her left arm to be with them)