Friday, March 9, 2012

An update with photos......

Hi friends---
Haven't you been enjoying Karli's writing!!  I think I have found the perfect person to write our family's book!  
So, as you know, the gang is en route to Guangzhou which is where the last part of the process happens.
All of the US immigration forms are submitted along with a medical report.  This will give the Consulate the documents needed to process the immigrant visas for our boys.  They will enter the US on these visas and will be US citizens upon touchdown at Dulles.

I am assuming they are still in the air or at least driving from the airport to their hotel.  The trip is exhausting but on a travel day you are just "wiped out".  Guangzhou will be lovely as the temps are milder and there are many more adoptive families you can spend time with.  And, lets get real....a Starbucks!

So, without further ado---
photos from the past few days.

noodles bowls!

caught in the act of slurping!

wiped out....

Matthew and "Patrick"

XiAn street food