Thursday, June 9, 2011

The next FEE - the next chip-in

Well, we received our bill today from WACAP for $2,210.00.
 This is after $2800.00 of Jack's grant was applied.  It is due in thirty days.
I had been praying that Elijah's Reece's Rainbow money would be available but they
do not disperse the grant until travel arrangements are made.
SO, here I am again---asking and praying for help and hoping you will enter the drawing for the
Vera Bradley purses.((click here))  They arrived last week and I took some photos to show you.
There are actually 13 purses and a wallet.  TEN are been drawn for from this blog.
We are also holding a drawing( for the extra three purses) at
our "carnival" fundraiser (its in two weeks)
 See the purses below:

Thank you all so much for your continued prayer and support of our adoptions!

We are bursting with excitement to go get our boys!
Here are two recent photos of Jack :

and a new one of Elijah---