Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Blog for me!

God has been encouraging me to start a blog to show His good works in my life.
I am committing to telling his story in my life.  Daily He shines on me and sends me His winks.....
those times when I see Him and know He is working to bring me closer to Him.
Most of the time, this is through my children. 

I am blessed to me called mommy by eight beautiful children.  They range in age from 5 to 22 --each a gift from the Lord above.  It's not easy to parent this many children--but God winks at me from above and I know my calling is very real.  I am filled to the brim and overfllowing with gratitude to Him for allowing me to be mom to these eight wonders!  I can only pray that I show Jesus face to them and that I give Him the glory throughout my life.

Above are my beauties--- they are all exceptional children with personalities as different as you and I.
They are my life and I am so proud of each one!  Daily, I will share how God is working through them to teach me.  I pray God gives me words to glorify Him.