Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Piles everywhere.
This is what my house seems to consist of ---- laundry piles, toy piles, paper piles.
Can you relate?
 I am no June Cleaver when it comes to housekeeping and I admit it.
I just can't justify cleaning when the human tornadoes I call children whiz through the house mere seconds after picking up everything to create more piles. Its frustrating, so, I don't deal with it.
Yes, I should be "THE mom" who demands order and keeps after my kids with every breath I take.
I don't have time for that. I know I need to "train up"my kids and I have to make it a priority but right now I can't for MY sanity.

So, I have designated the refrigerator as a place of importance.  The side of the frig is mine to put important papers and reminders -- you know, the bills!
The front is a place of commendation - where my kids desire to hang those precious works of art I will cherish in 20 years after they have grown.

Today starts a new weekly blog post called "THE FRIG". As I said, I use the front of my frig as the place where I display my children's art work.  I am now sectioning off a space about eye level on my refrigerator for something special to me.  (The kids cant reach there anyway)
It will be something  or someone I want to pray about for the week and every time I walk by I can lift a prayer to the Father.  Of course, I will put orphans on my special spot - but I will also call your attention to scripture and opportunities for you to pray and seek Him.

And, just so you can see what I am talking about with my FRIG---

so -- did you spot HIM??
Yes, of course my first "FRIG honor" goes to a deserving lil guy who needs a family!
His advocate name is Kellin and he is precious.

Here is a closer shot:

I have been watching Kellin for several months as he was with an agency for awhile and then was returned to the shared list.  This means essentially he gets lost in the shuffle of 1800 children's files that are waiting to be found.  Its so sad because he basically become a number on the shared list unless someone brings him to the spotlight - or the frig...
I'd love to bring him home but there are reasons why we wont. (We are done) (I think)
In China there are special places run by non government organizations (NGO's) that help a small percentage of the children who wait for a family.  Most of these foster homes are for medically fragile children or children who need specialized care.  Kellin was blessed to be at one of these facilities for visually impaired children for a small time in his life. (Bethel) You see, he came into care there as a sick, fragile baby and he THRIVED.  He was doing fantastic and was healthy and was making forward progress!  The above photo was taken during his stay there.  However, Kellin's orphanage decided to call him back.
Think about this.  He is blind.  He was returned to his orphanage to strangers and is now left to lie in a hard crib day after day with little stimulation.  Can you imagine the truly devastating circumstance Kellin is in?  He cries... and cries..... and cries.  Noone there to love him.  I can hardly type this as I just need to fall on my face for him.  I cannot turn my back. I cannot move from the paralysis of this completely wrong situation of this tender child.
Do you get it?
No, really....DO YOU GET IT?
I could go on and on about sacrifice and how we, as Americans, are spoiled and have an air of entitlement.  That's another blog post.  Today - I want you to think of Kellin...
Think about the fact that he may be there--in the crib-- no touch-- little interaction--- for years.
Do you get it?

Say a prayer for Kellin today for me.  I am broken for him.

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