Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Adoption Community...a BIG blessing!

So, since I wrote the first post I have seen this conversation reach new heights and new avenues each day.  The best part is that families are opening up to each other and also finding support through various posts.

I can honestly tell you that I have never been a part of a family like the adoption FAMILY.  I have had friends I have never met bend over backwards to help me in so many ways the last nine years!  Friends that have stood with me, and the choices our family has made, when my own family couldn't understand.

  Sad times....
 when we cried together over children who didn't make it to a family, families who lost husbands and wives, children who lost their "second" mother or father.  I have seen cancer steal the lives of mothers who I cherished, accidents steal the lives of fathers, and children who have slipped to the "other side" because of the hand of their own parents.  Loss of family I had never met.

And then.... 
complete and utter joy...
 as children we have seen languish are scooped up by a mommy and daddy and made the center of their world...
 Children who have a blank stare in their eyes and, in just ONE day, there is a small spark of light being emitted...and then, in a month, their little faces become pudgy and filled out and their faces exude the joy they are experiencing.  
JOY...as children who come home, with little hope of surviving the next year, be healed and children who should not walk--- DO.

As my husband says every time I go to him with "the next child"...
It will never be wrong to adopt. God will bless us and the child.

Yes, He will.
Kelly Rumbaugh

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