Monday, March 10, 2014


Sacrifice defined is:

"giving up of something valued: a giving up of something valuable or important for somebody or something else considered to be of more value or importance."

What is important to you?  Is it your social status or your job?  Is it your family living in a home you own or the summer vacation you have planned?  Is it material possessions like your car or your jewelry. Is it your retirement and your nest egg to live "the good life" during retirement?

Would you give it up for a child you don't know?  Maybe not all of it; but, would you make a significant lifestyle change to be the hands and feet of Christ to a child?  To give a child security and safety and a family in which they can feel loved.  I dont think there are many people REALLY willing to sacrifice for anything or anyone if it means giving up some of their security and easy way of  life.

Proverbs 24:12

The Message (MSG)
11-12 Rescue the perishing;
    don’t hesitate to step in and help.
If you say, “Hey, that’s none of my business,”
    will that get you off the hook?
Someone is watching you closely, you know—
    Someone not impressed with weak excuses.

Read it again---
That's a call to do something--

to sacrifice
God knows you know.... you have been informed.
PRAY and seek Him - ask Him how you can help

You know, I was out with my friends shopping last Fall at a midnight madness sale.  I was happily going into the stores that line the quaint Main Street of our town.  The girls wanted to go into a jewelry store to look.  I went in with them and immediately felt a wave of guilt.  I didnt want to be in there or anywhere near something so extravagant when children were dying, suffering from neglect, or being hated because of their gender or special need.  I was being held accountable by my God.  He knew I wouldnt buy anything--- but everything I stand for says I didnt belong "IN" that store.

I  got out as soon as I could and I could breathe again.   I know - you are saying -- "Gosh thats so extreme."  Well, my passion is extreme and my God is powerful enough to make me sweat under my collar at something so little.  

Sacrifice - 
"giving up of something valued: a giving up of something valuable or important for somebody or something else considered to be of more value or importance."

SO??  What is your someting valuable or important that YOU can give up for someone else of MORE value or importance.

Christ died on the cross for you...YOU...  He valued you enough to give His LIFE

Why is it so hard to give up a little money, a little time, (a little jewelry),  or a little love when Christ gave his life for you.

Seek the Lord in prayer and ask Him where you fit into the orphan care and adoption movement happening in His church today.  I promise the sacrifice you are asked to give will be nothing compared to the blessing received for your obedience to the Lord.


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  1. My husband and I have talked about adoption off and on over the years, but recently our conversations have turned more serious and intentional. We have been praying that the Lord would show us what His will is for our family, whatever direction that may be. I started looking up agencies in my area (NC) and felt overwhelmed by all the choices. How do you choose one agency over another? What do you look for or questions do you ask them?