Monday, April 14, 2014

He's the "God of every story"

When our world is shaken - He holds us in the palm of His hand.

I'm listening to the song by Laura Story called "God of Every Story".

One thing I have learned through my life, dealing with breast cancer and medically fragile children, is that He is Faithful....  He cares about me. He desires my life to be good.  He desires that I am happy. He desires that I walk with Him. He is with me through every struggle and every victory.

Here are Laura Story's lyrics:
(from her CD: Laura Story - God of Every Story)

Some times we want to raise a fist up high
blame all the hard things 
on the Father in the sky
But He hears when we call
And we can trust him through it all.

He's the God of every story

He sees each tear that falls
We may not understand
But one thing is for certain
 He is faithful
He's a faithful God.

The dictionary defines the word "Faithful" as
adjective 1. strict or thorough in the performance of duty

Can you imagine God as being "strict and thorough"?   I know my father was a dad who was kind and always wanted best for me.  He was not strict though.  He allowed me to carve my way through high school with just a curfew.  He really didn't know what I was getting into and He certainly would not have allowed half of my activities to go on if he had known about them.

Our Father in heaven knows it all.  Yes, we go through hard times because we have "free will".  God allows us to decide which path to take in life's decisions.  The wide gate or the narrow path. My teens years were filled with the wide gate and I went through some times that were very difficult.  Some of these decisions still affect my life daily.

So, Laura Story talks about "raising a fist up high to the Father in the sky"   HOWEVER--- many times the path is OUR chosen path not the Father's.  He allows us free choice and knows we need Him when we take a wrong turn.  He can always be found in the midst of our trials....even when we got ourselves there.

I like to think of God as our compass.   He directs us where to go...but we have to look TO Him for guidance.  He doesn't always direct us without us asking. He certainly isn't the reason we are going through the trial but He can always be found nearby if we seek Him.

IF we seek Him, He will be ahead of us directing the way...
Turn here.  Walk with confidence.  Trust me fully.
God is faithful and He is going to be thorough with His care.  He will not allow us to be somewhere He cannot retrieve us from when He feels the time is right.
Yes, we can get very deep in the pit but it is never our of his reach.  Never.

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